How to switch from the money clip to the cash strap (or keep both) - TUTORIAL

The cash strap or the money clip - the one million dollar question. But why not both? In this tutorial we will show you step by step how to switch from the money clip to the cash strap (or viceversa). But how about you keep both for that extra space? Some of our clients like to maintain the cash strap on one side of the wallet and the money clip on the other side! By doing this, you can keep your IDs, RFID enabled cards and business cards on one side and your cash on the other. Either way, you choose ;)

# Step 1 - remove the screws from the side you want to switch

Remove the screws with the T-5 Screwdriver from the side you want to apply the change. For example, if you want to change the money clip and switch to the cash strap, remove the screws from the money clip side. However if you want to keep the money clip on one side and add the cash strap to the other, please remove the screws from the opposite side of the money clip. 


# Step 2 - Remove the money clip

Remove the money clip from the plate. Skip if you want to keep both money clip and cash strap.

titan x removing clip


 # Step 3 - Add the cash strap 

Add the cash strap to the desired side. Note that the cash strap should be covering both sides of the plate. 

titan x adding cash strap


# Step 4 - put the screws back to their place

Add the screws to their place with the T-5 Screwdriver. 

titan x screws

 And done! Easy, intuitive and super useful, enjoy your TITAN X :) 

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